Our Founder visits Karamajiji in the new year 2019.

The Founder Hayat Foundation Her Excellency, Amina Oyiza Bello during her visit to karama jiji ; home for people with disabilities paid a courtesy visit to the traditional ruler. She pledged her support to the community saying that her Foundation is not only committed to the well being of the community of disabled people in karama jiji but through the Foundation’s Economic Empowerment program, that these people will be empowered through vocational skills and for those with talents and trades, the Foundation will support them in translating their talent into wealth creation in order for them to be  self reliant and major  contributors to  nation building. She stressed the need for society to stop discrimination against people with disability but rather to show love and compassion and respect for them. She also urged government to give people with disability equal right as other  citizens without disability. She encouraged the community of people to be confident in themselves and that disability should not be a barrier to them living a purposeful life.  She reiterated  Hayat Foundation commitment to  to advocating  for the  rights of people with disabilities.

1. What a beautiful way to begin the year!  The big-hearted, Philanthropic, graceful Founder of Hayat Foundation, Her Excellency, Barr Amina Oiza Bello  during her visit  on Jan 1,  2019 to the karama jiji settlement for disabled people here in Abuja.

2. In the spirit if giving back and bringing hope and  succor to people with disabilities, Mrs Bello,  wife of the Governor of Kogi state and Founder of Hayat Foundation  and her team with a truck full of food and relief items for the disabled community at karama jiji.

3. Her  unparalleled passion and commitment to people with disabilities is second to none as demonstrated in her show of love to the disabled and most vulnerable in the society.

New Year Outreach at Okene, Kogi State.

Charity, they say begins at home. The less privileged in Okene, hometown of the Founder Hayat Foundation were not left out of the philanthropic gesture of Her Excellency, Barr Amina Oiza Bello, wife of the Executive Governor, Kogi state. A high-powered delegation from Hayat Foundation led by Hajia Fati were  at Okene  on Jan 1, 2019  putting smiles  on the faces of the less privileged. The joy of the needy at Okene knew no bounds as the team gave out food and other relief materials  in the spirit of giving back and demonstrating love and compassion.



I believe that the best kind of love is the kind that impacts positively to the lives of people. To the glory of God and the good of humankind,Hayat foundation was able to commission eight (8) water projects and another eight (8) Generators( for powering the boreholes )across the length and breadth of Kogi Central senatorial district as my little token of love to the society. Growing up at Ohuogogo, Kuroko, I remember with great nostalgia how as a young maiden , I would trek a very long distance with other maidens up the bushy mountains in our search for the golden liquid -water .We would wake up as early as 3.30 am to go and fetch water in order to be the early bird so as to fetch clean water before it became polluted by the influx of other villagers who also came in search of the same “golden liquid ” Our climb up the treacherous mountains is a story for another day and sometimes the sharp edges of the mountain would slice our tender feet. At the stream, we would take our bath (which was a luxury because people often went 5 days without bathing because of the scarcity of water,) we would wash our clothes which we would then form into a bundle and tie as a sling across our young backs with a jerry can clutched tightly in our little hands and a bucket or basin of water balanced precariously on our heads, and then began the slow descent down the steep mountains. And if perchance you were unlucky,you may sometimes fall down and lose your precious bucketful of water. And believe me the mountains were never kind to our poor buckets as they always shattered on impact. My friends and I would then begin the ardourous journey of a minimum of 3 hours back home to Ohuogogo,Kuroko
Getting back home at around 9 -10 am , my grand mother’s friends, ( I lived with her then)who didnt have any of their grandchildren living with them then would be so glad at my return because it meant they would have at least a cup of water to quench their already parched throat. Naturally, with the position Allah has given my husband, His Excellency ,Alhaji Yahaya Bello, as the executive Governor of our dear state, I, as his wife understood the pains of our people and as a palliative in support of my husband’s bigger water project (a dam is being being built by his Excellency )decided to use Hayat foundation to address the issue of water scarcity amongst my beloved people. I am content that with this water project, young girls will no longer be subjected to this hardship that I underwent growing up which was occasioned by water scarcity, but would rather use those valuable hours to focus more on their education and aim for a brighter future. Anebira, this is my val gift to you. I can’t wait to see Hayat foundation put further smiles on our people’s face especially in other senatorial districts by also providing this kind gesture to our beloved people of Kogi East , Kogi West (soon to be comissioned) LONG LIVE KOGI STATE.! LONG LIVE THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA. !